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For Travelers

Paraguay is a small country with one main international airport: Aeropuerto Internacional Silvio Pettirossi. You will ideally fly into Paraguay on Thursday August 18th, 2022. 

If you are a citizen of Canada or of the United States you do not require a Tourist Visa. However if things change, we will let you know. You will need proof of vaccination for COVID-19 OR  a PCR test taken 48hrs before

Paraguay's currency is the Paraguayan Guarani. It is advisable to always have some cash on you since not all places accept credit card transactions. Most Canadian or American Banks do not offer pre-travel purchase of Guaranies, we recommend you do this upon arrival at an exchange shop, or send to yourself using Remitly (best exchange rate).


We recommend all travelers get roaming for their cellphones to have access to data services while in Paraguay. 

Should you require any assistance while in Paraguay please reach out to Jessica from StayPY which is the travel agency we are working with.  

Suggested itinerary 

We recognize that traveling to South America takes time and preparation given its distance. Which is why we have put together a travel package for you to sign up to if you would like. These activities are completely independent to the wedding. 

Thursday 18th

Welcome dinner at Maria Gracia's parents' home in Fernando de la Mora. We will be hosting a get together so that people from abroad have an opportunity to meet each other.

Casual attire.


Recommended lodging: La Misión Hotel Boutique or The Hub 

Friday 19th

Free day to sight see Asunción 

  • StayPY has a city tour planned for you all. Please contact Jessica to sign up. 

  • Recommended: Happy Hour at 5:00PM at The Hub rooftop in Asunción. 

Recommended lodging: La Misión Hotel Boutique or The Hub 

Saturday 20th

10:00AM check-out from Hotel in Asunción

10:15AM Transportation provided from hotels in Asunción to San Bernardino hotels and accommodations (50 minute drive). 

2:30-2:45 PM Transportation provided from San Bernardino hotels and accommodations to the Wedding Ceremony

3:45PM - Transportation to Reception

1:00AM - Transportation to San Bernardino hotels and accommodations

Sunday 21st

Rest and recover by the pool at your hotels and accommodations. 

Take a stroll in downtown San Bernadino and enjoy the lake views. 

Those who wish to participate in the trip leave at 1:00PM for the Mbaracayu Forest Nature Reserve. 

For those who need to return to Asuncion that night: please sign up here  by August 1st to ensure you get support with transportation back to the city. 

Monday 22nd 

Trip to the Iguazu falls and Mbaracayu Forest Reserve (Day 1) 

Arrival at Mbaracayu Forest Nature Reserve Eco-Lodge


Spend the day at the Reserve with activities such as: Bird watching, canoeing, abseiling, and hiking. Plan clothing appropriately. 

Tuesday 23rd

Trip to the Iguazu falls and Mbaracayu Forest Reserve (Day 2) 

Day at the Mbaracayu Forest Reserve EcoLodge

Leave for Iguazu at 6:00PM 

Sleep in Iguazu Falls 

Wednesday 24th

Trip to the Iguazu falls and Mbaracayu Forest Reserve (Day 3) 

Half day at the Iguazu Falls 

6:00 AM Breakfast

8:00 AM Enjoy Macuco Safari 

12:00 PM Lunch 

2:00PM leave for Asuncion 

Recommended lodging: La Misión Hotel Boutique or The Hub 

Thursday 25th

End of itinerary 

Note: we will not be making modifications to the tour itinerary given the size of the group. 


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